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Java Mobile


The image below shows the mobile device game I've written. Click on the image to download the jars or point your mobile device at the URL's given to get them direct.

The Games


Click on the image to download to your PC or point your device at

The aim is to use the ball to push the blocks so that all blocks of the same colour are touching.

  • Use the direction keys to move the ball.
  • Press 'fire' to see a full map of the current level.
  • You can only push one block at a time.
  • Grey blocks and blocks on locks (marked with a X) cannot move.
  • Filters only allow blocks of the same colour across them.
  • Ice and arrows force the ball or block to keep moving without the player controlling them.
  • Unstable flooring will crumble away as the ball or blocks pass over it.
  • A block (if waiting on an arrow) cannot push the ball.
Please let me have your feedback.