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This site is all about my experiments with Java. Please feel free to browse and download my games. Other links to the left will take you to other programs that I have written which you can run on your PC.

I would really like to receive your feedback on the applications and the site. If you are interested in getting into Java then drop me a line and I'll even share my source code. Everything is free so help yourself!

Before you start

My desktop games require Java 1.4.2 or above to run. Follow the link and then download J2SE v 1.4.2_09 JRE

When you download my games you will see a message like that to the right. This is because I can't afford a security certificate.

There is nothing malicious about my code. You would be taking the same risk if you downloaded any other game - it's just that Java Web Start makes it sound more dramatic! Please don't let it put you off playing my games and letting me know what you think.

The Games

Click on the images below to start the games using Java Web Start or point your Web Start browser at


Get close to the pod and use your tractor beam to pick it up. Escape to complete the level. Beware the limpet guns and keep an eye on your fuel levels.

This is a rework of the original C64 version by Firebird. It contains 7 levels which should keep you going for ages.

Please let me have your feedback and I might even tell you how to select your start level and get infinite lives!

Click the image to download.


Use your moves to place or rotate spinners so that the ball will hit the goal in the direction indicated. Instructions and keys on screen.

Please let me have your feedback.

Click the image to download.


Collect the stars, reach the goal and join the blocks in this puzzle game. Rows of between 3 and 5 plain tiles (not locks or rivets) can be moved using your ball.

Three levels so far but a full level designer is included. If feedback is half decent I'll design a few more.

Please let me have your feedback.

Click the image to download.


The classic arcade game. Shoot the asteroids and enemy saucers. All the arcade features are there including thrust and hyperspace. Instructions on the title page.

Please let me have your feedback.

Click the image to download.